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I create a redefinition: Normality—that which goes generally unnoticed.

Based on this interpretation, cultural normality eludes culture at large.

Read more Looking for love, or just a casual affair? True or not, the current proliferation of dating websites and apps is undeniable.

Amorous directories such as 100Best Dating vouch for the industry’s growth and demographic granularity.

He grasps her hips on the tailgate of an old pickup truck. Instead of sweetening the seaside, a location synonymous with romance, Levi’s paints a gritty, down-home picture.

The publication itself, however, reads like a People magazine for the American Dream.

Or might their speculative efforts also serve a practical purpose by promoting their very survival?

Words, like other symbolic toolsets, allow people to understand their environment just as cave paintings aided primitive man.

From the squeaky clean e to the purely carnal Adult Friend to the off-center Meet-An-Inmate.com, online matchmaking services have generated an unprecedented phenomenon in human history: a mega-marketplace for personal relationships.

Read more As the market for smartphones continues to expand, so does the range of mobile accessories available to consumers.

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