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Unfortunately while some drawing packages excel in one or the other few (none? Chem Spider uses Ketcher, Elemental and Accelrys Draw as the structure during options, Pub Chem have their own editor, Ch EMBL use Marvin JS or JSME. The javascript based tools on websites offer nice lightweight tools for database searching, but they don't really offer the functionality you might require for creating images for publications.With regard to interoperability whilst many of the tools can open several file formats and tools like Open Babel ( can interconvert 100's of different file formats you should be aware that once the structure has been pasted into a word processing package, presentation application or spreadsheet it is unlikely that you will be able to open it with a different drawing tools.Typical uses of the drawings are i) conversion to pictures for sharing (e.g. Open source software would of course be good, but I see this (for Let me just start with an old chestnut comment about OS vs commercial (CS) for OSDD.in Github posts, papers), ii) analysis of the structure in some way using other tools or iii) extraction of strings such as SMILES. As @mattodd says utility/robustness ranks highly if costs can be managed.Sorry for the pessimistic tone, this is something I've struggled with for 30 years or more, I've spoken to all the software vendors and there is zero interest in interoperability.Also updated Axon_review/ slightly radical but obvious suggestion.As a direct comment on the question, the ubiquity of Marvin across public databases, including as default drawing input for Ch EMBL, Sure Ch EMBL, Binding DB, and (our own) Guide to Pharmacology, independently indicates it has something going for it.Its also well supported and I'm guessing Syd Uni-wide licensing of this and other Chem Axon stuff should not be too onerous.

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This file contains additional information, probably added from the digital camera or scanner used to create or digitize it.By direct collaboration with an agile publisher for our forthcoming S4 paper (e.g.but not limited to F1000 research) we could contrive to juxtapose live Pub Chem links below each of the pictured final compounds (n.b. At the risk of sounding heretical the necessity for high-res structure renderings is thereby diminished.If we're able it'd be nice to assemble a list of available resources (in a Tech Ops area) for such people to be able to contribute most easily - I think we were strongly behind Data Warrior in this way.If we could establish a way to use chemical drawing software like this, it'd help, I think.

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