Brad p the underground dating seminar

You see, almost ten long years ago, we were both starting on a journey that would take us through back alleys, into cafes, all over the Internet, across continents and major cities of the world, bringing us into contact with real, living, breathing modern day Casanovas and Don Juans.

A journey that eventually morphed us from hopeless nerds into pickup masters with literal harems of hot girls around the world.

Along the way, we've also helped countless men do the same.

We've attended our fair share of seminars in our days, and almost all of them left us wanting more. This group of guys are the BEST of the BEST, and some of these guys have agreed to appear exclusively for us, you'd be hard-pressed to get access to them any other way.

What we really wanted was a single seminar that taught you everything you need to know from beginning to end -- a seminar that gave you real access to grab the most treasured unrevealed secrets of the grand masters who've taught us. We've got Brad P, Sinn, David X, Swinggcat, Stephen Nash, Hypnotica, Savoy, Vin Di Carlo, Ross Jeffries, Cameron Teone, Brent Smith, Zan Perrion and Will H.

Four years ago we produced a video course to teach guys the A-to-Z steps to pickup.

Then two years ago we decided to follow it up and create a video series that would help teach some of what we learned.

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