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I was browsing around a Big Bang fansite yesterday, and I came across this super cute survey.I originally thought it was fanmade, but the original poster said that the BB boys were asked these questions, and these were their answers.Kang Dae-Sung, who impatiently follows me around e. Dong Young-Bae, who makes an effort to clear things out d. Lee Seung-Hyun, who leaves me and runs away 2AM 2NE1 2PM 4Minute 8eight After School Baek Ji Young Bae Seul Gi Beast Big Bang Bo A Boys over Flowers Brown Eyed Girls C.Lee Seung-Hyun, who enjoys shopping more than I do – LOL XDDDD a. N Blue CSJH Davichi DBSK EHB Epik High Eric Mun f(x) F. T Island Fly to the sky Hyori Infinite Jang Geun Suk Joo K.Dong Young-Bae, who talks it out with his friend d. Choi Seung-Hyun, who compliments me in front of my friends b.Kang Dae-Sung, who says he will introduce another girl to his friend e. Choi Seung-Hyun, who starts a serious talk by asking me if I’m mad b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who asks my friends to watch over our relationship c.More wrinkles around her eyes but I really love that about her, it's such a simple and humble look. You can't deny that she's still one of Korea's top celebrities no matter how much hate she gets in the comments sometimes. [ 918, -85] She looks like Megan Fox now that her hair is black.She looks like she's barely wearing make up too, so pretty.

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Choi Seung-Hyun, who lets me go, saying he’s sorry he didn’t do much for me b.

Choi Seung-Hyun, who suggests to ride what I want to ride b. Lee Seung-Hyun, who forcefully takes me to scary rides a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who whispers in my ear that he loves me b. Dong Young-Bae, who hugs me without saying a word d. Lee Seung-Hyun, who hugs me tightly, saying he loves me too a.

Kwon Ji-Yong, who suggests to go to the haunted house first c. Choi Seung-Hyun, who says it’s boring and wants to go home already b. Dong Young-Bae, who does everything I want to do d.

Kwon Ji-Yong, who says I’m sorry and says don’t be mad c. Dong Young-Bae, who makes me feel good by complimenting my friends d.

Kang Dae-Sung, who makes my friends comfortable as if they were his friends e.

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