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Dolan Twins Boyfriend Quiz As for your main vampire, Bill Compton, played by Stephen Moyer, he has brought quite some history before moving to Sookies your area.

He is a civil war veteran, and a Bon Temps native from the nineteenth one hundred year.

Left behind 4 daughters - at the time of her death, one grown & married, one living with a BF, two in the \"care\" of her nasty brother and his hideously sadistic wife.

Mom went through 3 divorces, had a lousily unsupportive family. Tanner Ray French, born 18 July 1991, died 21 February 2011 in Berckenridge, Texas, USAOur Remembrance In memory of my sweet son who had a way of always making those around him laugh. 19 years was just not enough time to have you here with us.

Every morning I wake up and the first thing I think about is making you breakfast, and the last thing I do at night is think to myself, "Did I tell Em goodnight? I remember you had the most beautiful smile, and no matter how rough things were you always had a smile, and a giggle to go along with it.

Please forgive me for any mistakes I may have made along the way. Jesse Short Gershman, born 22 July 1992, died 29 Octocber 2014 in British Columbia, Canada Our Remembrance A beautiful mind, a gentle soul, misunderstood.

If he still has feelings for you, creating the right moods and feelings guide to open the method to forget of your wrongdoings.

Graham Clarke, born 31 December 1992, died 18 August 2010 in Barrington, Illinois Our Remembrance Graham was a wonderful guy who could always put a smile on someones face and was willing to help someone out if they needed it. John Allen Foss, born 14 December 1987, died 09 October 2015 in Idaho Our Remembrance Sadly, John Foss committed suicide just two years and three days after his older brother William. Until then you live in the hearts of all that loved you.

Traveling all over the country at a young age, she embraced adventure and truly lived in the moment. Timothy Dean Warden, Jr., born 10 July 1995, died in Winsted, Minnesota Our Remembrance Timmy was such a loving, kind-hearted, and sensitive kid. He left behind so many that loved him, especially a 4 year old little girl who he loved with everything he had. Tanner Chase Gaede, born 22 August 1992, died 08 December 2016 in Enid, Oklahoma Our Remembrance My precious Friend, oh how the way you left us tore a hole in our hearts. He and my mom will be forever loved and forever missed.

Caitlin will live forever in the memories of the many hearts she touched throughout her life, and her smile and laughter will never be forgotten. Chase was an amazing human being, brilliant, an old soul that deserved to be heard and remembered. There is such a huge piece of me that died with them. Billy Don Bridgewater, born 15 October 1984, died 08 August 2008 in Fayetteville, North Carolina USAOur Remembrance Billy was an amazing man with a kind and generous heart.

As he Loved to play the harmonica, guitar, he also loved drawing and being educated on things that are cool , such as adruino coding ,turning useless stuff in usefull stuff and chemistry..was talking about becoming a massage therapist as he loved making people happy!! He played guitar and harmonica and collected harmonicas and antiques John Bernard Frantz, born 12 July 1975, died 19 June 2001 in Michigan, USAOur Remembrance John was a very happy person. From the floor scrubbers and ditch diggers to the CEOs, Hollis made everyone feel loved and noticed. There are few people you come across in life that you truly mesh with and she was one of them.

Richard Raymond Roth, born 19 April 1968, died in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada Our Remembrance Rick was the best husband,dad,friend. I will never understand why you left us, I miss you my dear sweet friend. Ryan Jacob Gasparovich, born 14 September 2001, died 01 March 2015 in Michigan, United States Our Remembrance Cherished Son and beloved little brother.

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