Godaddy email forwarding pending setup validating mx record

but when i try to login using "evolution" on my laptop I can "Err - Login failed" and i'm not sure how best to debug this issue. I had mistakenly used the same address as the mail server as name..

OK - for godaddy: if you do not have any mx records listed under DNS/Records, add a record.

create a new record put "mailstore1." in the data field. And i had also missed changning the mx record to mail.

put "10" in the auxiliary field to make it the mx0 record.

I was pointed in the direction of this article and was wondering if you could clarify what I need my settings to be in my MX records to make this work!?

Hi, I have just created my mail server, first time at doing anything like this and you articles have been superb, really are some of the best however, i'm still having problems :( I think I have everything setup correctly, i can send emails from my box and I have created a database with my users etc etc... The problem was that in my previous DNS software (bind) I never had a field "name" so had to try a few things before figuring out, that this field is supposed to be the domain name itself that is being configured.

If you haven't created a zone for your domain, then refer to this article.

You should already have the base records shown here: Click on the 'new record' link.

Firstly we need to create a subdomain A Record called 'mail'. Again, if you are using an external mail agency, then skip this step.

This is only for those who plan on running a mail server on their Slice. Again, click 'new record' and select MX Record from the 'type' drop down box: In the fields I entered: Name: (Note the trailing period '.') Auxiliary Info: 0 Unless you have specific requirements to change the Auxiliary Info, leave it at 0.

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