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Perhaps not surprisingly for a film dominated by the spirit of Virginia Woolf, much of the pacing here is slow to the point of torpor.Still, Ozon sometimes delivers, justifying his reputation as a filmmaker to watch.

When the two go to the beach, the camera lingers on close-ups of Jean staring at the water while Marie relaxes next to him.Charlotte Rampling plays Marie Drillon, a fiftyish and still fetching teacher off on her yearly holiday with husband Jean (Bruno Cremer) at a country house near the beach. The two go about their business quietly, methodically, seemingly so comfortable in their relationship that words – of which there are few in these early scenes – are unnecessary.But Ozon tosses in a few clues that all is not quite right without actually saying so.She recites Woolf’s suicide note from memory to a simpatico publisher she’s dating.Like Woolf, Marie “hears voices”; and like the novelist, Jean committed suicide by drowning.

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