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I remember listening to this song when I was in high school and dating who I believe was my first true love.

I remember laughing and dancing with her while listening to this song, we didn't care how silly it may have looked to others, it didn't matter, this song has that sort of attitude. Who hasn't wrote little love letters to their girlfriends as teenagers as the lyrics suggest? If you want something serious and epic, go download some Beethoven or something, just leave my Zeppelin alone, and let others do the dancing.

It is not a technical genius, nor was it meant to be; but it is a great groove nonetheless and so is the voice and lyrics that Roberts provides.

When I am in a good mood and the sun is shining, I want to hear this.

After saying "I'm holding on; I'm g'na be your number one! It's been said that "Me Love" by Sean Kingston not only rips some melody from this song, but also ripped the riff from -- yours, truly -- "Red Red Wine" as I mentioned above. Why: I did not trust whoever it was shot me up with that dart; I did not trust my Dad; for what it was worth, God? /ha ha ho ho hee hee, and I could tell her what a sweet girl she is. [CHORUS]When I read the letter you wrote, it made me mad mad mad When I read the news that it brought me, it made me sad sad sad.

", it's expected someone would later on ask how it's coming along (which can be worded "Did u make her? It seems Sean Kingston hears one and thinks of the other just like I do... You can hear it in Pink Floyds song about A teachers. But I still love you so, I can't let you go I love you- ooh baby I love you.

Heh, was "D'yer Mak'er" written as a prequel to "Red Red Wine" (which Neil Diamond wrote years before)? Although they are one of my favorite bands, they don't always write the most meaningful songs. But I do love this song-and Led Zeppelin is one of my favorite bands. Maybe this is just urban legend, but I'd always understood that "D'yer Maker" was English slang that evolved from "did you make her? Truth serum was being used by the military at the time. And that is how the drug actually works its way through you; through your penis. I used to sing to myself when I was on grounded and this is one of them from CA. Oh Oh and Ah Ah is just pains from his abuse and Go is just when, or what, my wife does For Our Spoils. Oh oh oh oh oh oh Every breath I take oh oh oh oh oh Every move I make oh oh oh oh oh Baby please don't go.

is over, and they/My Dad, shot me up with something else Who Woke Me Up, because I kept screaming, and would not stop.

It isn't wrong as long as the original writer is ok with it. " The lead singer/guitarist in my band was a LZ freak, and had lyrics to all of their songs.

Also I'm sure the title refers to an english saying that means "did you bed her" or "did you make her". Rod Stewart writes "I wish that I knew what I know now; when I was younger." This is well? Gaw it seems like everytime I get on this sight there is a "hater" one of those people who just want to "hate on" everybody and everyone please just appreciate the music and remember that classic saying "If you don't have something nice to say keep your mouth shut" ...I tampered with that a bit!!! I'm always mad about this, I even made an "editorial" about that in a "newspaper" project in school XDFor the reggae put downs: Reggae music doesn't suck.

It is a feel good song, a happy song, an innocent song and a song that doesn't try to hide it's silliness.

It smiles in the face of those who try to label every song or reach some heavy standard.

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