Mokuyoubi no koibito online dating

I just use the microsoft one 'cause it's the easiest to remember : D te wo ka****akuremaska Actually, it is ka****ekuremasu.

Either those Honmei Chocolates or Giri Chocolates, depending on the guy.

Since Valentine's Day is tomorrow, I was wondering if anyone knew about how Valentine's Day and White Day are celebrated in Japan :agree: Oh, I know, I know!

I did an oral report on Japan years ago for my English class (ironic) based on the entertaining aspects of the country, and some of the holidays, and I did Valentine's/White Day.

I'd like to write it down for future references and I'm not sure if my guess is right ^^; Oh, and youkoso, Kimikiwi-san ^_^ We did some calligraphy in class on Thursday. I'm absolutely terrible at it ^_^;; My "saru" (monkey) wasn't too too bad, but my 'kinyoubi' was ghastly (my name in katakana didn't turn out too bad though).

After we tried our hand at it, my sensei tried her luck at finding kanji for our namae.

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