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Do not share photos of yourself with family to people you do not trust - they can use these to scam other people with.The world of online dating is exciting and full of possibilities.If someone is behaving inappropriately, one simply has to click the button and type a brief reason as to why they are reporting the profile.This report is then immediately sent to our specialist team, who will take appropriate action.The online world is a fun and exciting place to be.However, there are some people out there who use the internet to take advantage of others for personal gain.Each moderator must adhere to the guidelines set for each site in order to ensure that all member content posted, is consistent and fair with regards to the rules that we have set.

The online dating world is your oyster, and there are undoubtedly plenty of fish in the cyber sea!This is something that is a problem across the internet as a whole, especially as the social cyber world grows.Fortunately, people are becoming more and more aware of the dangers and are becoming more knowledgeable on what to look out for.Be wary, sensible and vigilant to avoid yourself becoming a victim. It is essential for our members to have the ability to raise concerns about other members swiftly and efficiently.The Online Dating Protector team has an invaluable system at their disposal for this very purpose: The Reported Member Tool.

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