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You can ask a Sim on a Date and go to lots with them, to craft a fun experience so that the Sims can connect. Practice your Mixology and find other ways to show off.Your date will be rated and it'll improve relations between those Sims. This a fun, open experience that makes the process of wooing a mate much more directed.There are five colors that belie your intent, from friendly yellow to romantic red.Sims can also sit out under the stars together with this new romance option. In a wagon where you can also get your Sim's fortune told.37. debuted, the idea of a video game being inclusive of gays and lesbians was still pretty surprising, even in a game that promised to capture the little details of life.While it would have been nice to be able to escape to a virtual world where gay couples had full equality, it was a step forward and better than the reality of most gay couples.

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Sims who make it all the way on a date will now be able to Woohoo in the Shower and Tree House.It's one of the best I've ever seen, giving Sims a 'romancing under the stars' moodlet that is 15 for 8 hours.If your Sim is on a Date and tries to pull some moves only to fail, they'll take the walk of shame, a humorous expression of failure.In game terms, this meant that same-sex couples couldn’t have the wedding parties that opposite-sex couples could have.When couples, as they were allowed to be "joined" and they essentially had access to the functions of marriage, aside from the name.

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