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Sadly, it was not the last time he’d underestimated me.In my six years of being a heterosexually active woman, I had understood that an alarming number of men function through their careful boxing of women.The message that virginity is a gift that should be given puts the onus on women and therefore, the culpability.If a women chooses to "throw away" that gift, she's dirty and impure.

Not necessarily by choice but because you've missed the "window." For many, losing their virginity falls around age 17 when they're at the tail end of high school / maybe early college. How much harder is it to lose one's virginity the older they get?"I guess not being sexually active [in an over-sexualized society] leaves me struggling to figure out my own sexuality.How do you own it and wield it when it's not being used?But virginity, like anything else regarding one's body, is a personal choice and choosing to have sex doesn't make one dirty or impure.Missing the "window" also presents another issue, one that Alex is hyper aware of.

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