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The bonus Hatos Lotto numbers were accountable for the second prize category offered for those matching only 5 winning Hatos Lotto numbers.

Currently, the Szerencsejatek company (literally translated as “playing games of chance”) is responsible for managing and controlling all lottery games in Hungary.

Eleget tettünk a kérésüknek, sőt most még szebb és könnyebben használható formában hoztuk vissza ezeket. Vidd el az akció 10 millió forintos főnyereményét, vagy az 5x1 millió forint egyikét!

The history of Hungarian lottery industry is traced back to 1770 when the first Hungarian lottery draw was held in the city of Buda.

Almost two-thirds of Hungarian population is reported to participate in the national lotteries.

Szerencsejatek ensures national lottery ticket sales through the country-wide retail network including over 3,600 outlets as well as via online lottery services introduced in November 1998.

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