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VG has also published several of my own articles over the years, some of which can be found on this site.The Blue Book - if you're serious about buying and selling used guitars, the Blue Book provides the most detailed pricing, dating and identification info. Guitar HQ - a nice all-around mainstream vintage guitar site.If anyone has proof to the contrary, I welcome you to share it.It is my contention that sales/auctions making such claims, are done either out of ignorance, or are intentional deception, attempting to cash in on the misguided concept that Hoshino/Ibanez manufactured guitars are inherently superior to guitars made in other Japanese factories. Almost as bad are the people who assume every guitar made in Japan came from Teisco Under light of new evidence, I may have to change the above statement somewhat.So, similar or identical parts may be seen on guitars built in different factories.

Lots of pictures and vintage catalog scans, including some of mine that I have shared with them.

What this means is that; Ibanez (Fuji Gen-Gakki), as well as Aria (Matsumoku), and to a lesser extent Tokai (Kasuga), made both very high quality, and very low budget guitars, and various qualities between, depending on what was ordered by the trading company for the importer they represented.

I've even seen respectable quality guitars that came from Teisco (Kawai), though most of their product was at the lower end of the scale.

Most all companies of any size have someone in charge of keeping the key points of a company chronicled for posterity.

I was told that unfortunately I had contacted Kaman about a year after the last old-timer who would know anything about the purchase of Bruno had passed on.

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