Who is omowunmi akinnifesi dating site

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Just under two weeks after beauty brand Dove sparked outrage on social media for depicting a black woman morphing into a white woman, Nivea has also come under fire for an advert for it Natural Fairness lotions, which social media users have labelled as racist.

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Although she grew up in Washington State, she definitely shows her unique roots in her stunning appearance and leaves much for the imagination.The advert, which appeared in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Senegal, featured Former Miss Nigeria Omowunmi Akinnifesi applying the lotion to her skin, which instantly turns lighter, while claiming that it made her feel younger.This is why black businesses need to rise up and cater for our needs.Chidinma Ekile Chidinma has an artsy look to her, loves to sing, and is a recognized and popular music artist, songwriter, and brand ambassador for one of Nigeria’s biggest brand names.She always has new hair colors to show off, is very intriguing, and loves entertaining!

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