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When venomous words are directed at you, there can be two approaches.I am reminded of an incidence when my kids were young.If you can’t read aura, just look at the face carefully and you will be surprised at what you see. A person talks hurtful words because their heart is filled with negative emotions like hatred, anger, jealousy, helplessness or depression.

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I had not finished yet, ‘And if you behave like monkeys, see how you can improve yourselves.

The Foundations course is a common first year for all of these courses and gives the opportunity to explore your calling into ministry.

Foundations Training Course Lay Reader Training Course Pastoral Worker Training Course Lay Parish Evangelist Training Course Aurora is an opportunity for those involved in youth or children's ministry to gain some new skills, increase their confidence and learn with others.

Visit the St Peter's College Training Courses page Membership is free and open to anyone giving many benefits to learners in the Diocese such as email notifcations of events and courses and access to many resources and online learning to helo you in your ministry or personal growth Activate your membership of St Peter's College Below are the main training courses which are part of St Peter's College: For a full list of safeguarding training dates, click here.

Lay Ministry Training is for those training to become Readers, Lay Parish Evangelists and Pastoral Workers in their own parish in the Diocese of Sheffield.

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